>What have you done in the past?

>I think I was ten years old. My dad came in my room one night and told me, “I think you should start reading the Bible. Read one chapter a night. I think it’d be good for you.” It was a short conversation, but that’s how I started my daily devotions. One chapter at night before I went to bed. I easily did that consistently for 8 years—what else did I have to do before I went to bed at night?

Since then, I’ve done a variety of different plans and schedules for my devotions. Some were successful, some not. I’m curious to learn what you all have done in your devotional time in the past? Have you tried to follow a plan? Have you been successful? What have you most benefitted from in your devotional times in the past? What (if anything) has led you to fall off consistently doing your devotions? If you have one, what’s your devotional story?

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  1. >When I was 9 my dad started in Genesis. As a family we read a chapter or two out loud every evening until I was 16, when we finished the final chapter of Revelation. Sometimes we hated it, and other times it prompted colorful discussions. But my school teachers were always impressed by our read aloud prowess. Since then, I have only dipped in during Bible studies at church.

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