Gospel Growth

It is not enough to have the right theology. We may have faith that can move mountains, but this will not lead us to become the sort of people Jesus intends us to be. If we are to live as disciples, we must have hearts that are deeply affected by the gospel. Faith in the gospel produces hope in our hearts, leading us to want what’s true. Here are some resources to help you engage the gospel at a heart level.

The Gospel-Centered Lifegcl_cover
This excellent 9-week study from World Harvest Mission is a great introduction to the gospel applied to all of life. Are people in your group on the same page with regard to the gospel? Do you share common language around things like idolatry, repentance and forgiveness? This short study is a great way to help get there.

The Four Gs

91VcAdMTWwL._SL1500_The “Four Gs” are one of the most helpful tools I’ve come across in the past few years for applying the truth of the gospel to daily life. They come from a book by Tim Chester called You Can Change, and are radical in both their simplicity and profundity.

Gospel Fluency
Pastor Jeff Vanderstelt’s message on gospel fluency is profound and challenging. Watch two messages below (you can also listen to the audio for part 1 and part 2) and read the accompanying notes to these sessions.

Soma recently posted a 5 video series he did on gospel fluency here.

For Your Gospel Community: DNA Groups & Gospel Centered Life

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