May 5: Genesis 40

Today’s reading.

Through his whole life story so far, God is making sure that Joseph believes what he says in verse 8: “Do not interpretations belong to God?”

Were I with Joseph, I would interpret what takes place in Genesis 40 as God finally getting to give him a break. So far, he’s gone from favorite son of a rich man to a slave, an attempted rape victim, and now a prisoner. It’s been a long decline for Joseph. But here, the king’s own servants are in jail with him, and one of them will go free and return to Pharaoh’s side. Surely, he’ll put in the good word, and Joseph will finally catch a break.

Will Joseph finally get a break?

No such luck: “the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph, but forgot him” (40:23).

What is going on in Joseph’s mind at that point? What would be going on in yours? I’d be ecstatic that I was going to have a friend close to the one man in the world who could get me out of jail. And when nothing happened, I would be tempted to let that excitement turn to hatred for the cupbearer and bitterness toward God.

There are ways in which God is calling you and I to wait right now. Maybe there aren’t specific things you feel like you’re waiting for; maybe you have names, dates, faces, addresses, and scenarios in mind. Either way, God doesn’t reveal the end from the beginning to us. He brings us through difficulty to teach us patience and to teach us to trust him.

The reality is, that is his grace to us. We should want to learn patience and trust. There is no one we should rather wait for than the Lord, no one we should rather trust than him. In Christ, he has shown himself trustworthy. In Christ, he has proven worthy of our patience.

Where do you struggle to wait and trust? Remember your Father’s love for you in Christ. Remember who he is and all he’s done for you. And pray that the Spirit would teach you patience and faith. It may not seem like it now, but God means it for your good and, ultimately, his glory.

6 thoughts on “May 5: Genesis 40

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful post, Jeff. It’s the Lord’s word for me today and his reminder to me at this time in my life, and I praise him for his faithfulness. Indeed, my prayer to him is to help me learn patience through faith – for faith, and not what we see in our present circumstances, is what we are exhorted to walk by.

    • Seng, God truly is faithful. It is so encouraging to hear the way he is proving himself faithful to you through his Word. Believe me, I need this word as much as anyone. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This post reminded me of what happened with a friend of mine today. She’s planning to go to China to finish her doctoral degree in education for the next two years, so she applied to a prestigious scholarship to help fund her trip and add on to her creditability. She shared with different groups of believers of her plan to go to China was help underprivilege children in China get a better education. She wanted to use her skills and ability for God. The process to get this scholarship seemed pretty competitive and tedious. She a lot of work and effort into and took a long process. I believe at least a year, but she preservered and ask others to pray for her. Last week, she emailed to people asking for peace and seemed doubtful that she would be getting it. However today, she was notified she did get it! It was a struggle for her not knowing the outcome and she knew, it could of gone either way, even with the best intentions. However, by God’s grace His Will is working in her life. I need to keep praying and support for her because the road is still long and narrow for her even with this scholarship. Sorry for the super long comment, but I had to share her struggle and how God’s grace became real in her life today.

    • Leon, thanks for sharing this encouraging story. God is gracious in all his purposes for us, and hearing what he’s done in others’ lives is helpful to build our own faith here and now. Thank you!

  3. “In Christ, he has proven worthy of our patience.” And hasn’t he been so patient with us!! Good and timely reminders, even when i read it a day late. Thanks, Jeff!

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