Jesus Wins

In Psalm 2, the nations are raging and the peoples are plotting. There is dirty work afoot, the work of human beings trying to wriggle themselves free of the loving, gracious rule of God and of “his Anointed,” the Messiah.

As sinful humans we plot, connive, and scheme to get rid of the Lord. God laughs (2:4) at our foolish plans (like I would when I was younger and my little brother used to try to wrestle me to the ground despite the 6 years and many pounds I had on him), not because he’s cruel (like I was to my brother), but because his plans trump any and all manmade ones.

His plan is to set his King in Zion (2:6), the city of God, the place of salvation for his people. And to that Anointed King, God says, “You are my son” (2:7). God gives all authority to this Anointed-Son-King (cf. Col. 1:16; 2:10, 15) to judge those who would rise against God. And in a cosmic game of rock-paper-scissors, iron rod (Jesus) beats clay pot (us) every time.

Jesus wins.

As a Christian, I have already declared that I belong to the Anointed One, the Christ. Will I act like it? Will I walk after him today, or will I put my clay pot up against his crowbar? He can dash me to pieces in an instant; he will humble me and remind me of my creatureliness if I make him. Will I humble myself or be humbled? I can stand against Christ or I can rest in him. Will I lose myself and gain Christ?

The psalm ends with a promise to us when we stop resisting King Jesus: “Blessed are all who take refuge in him” (2:12). Refuge in Jesus Christ means finding peace, hope, joy, life. When we take refuge in him, we recognize his authority in our lives and seek to order everything we do according to his will. We learn what it is to delight in his law.

And part of “serving the Lord with fear” and delighting in his law is telling other people, other nations that they can find refuge in Christ. That is the mission King Jesus has sent us on. Will we plot in vain against his mission or submit ourselves and our whole lives to it?

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