>January 6: Psalm 3

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I was struck by Psalm 3 when I read it. One of my favorite theologians calls the Psalms the “prayerbook of the Bible,” and rightfully so. The psalmists are speaking to God as they write these inspired songs, and they teach us a great deal about how we ought to speak to Him especially in the midst of trials.  
In the first two verses, the psalmist tells God his situation. When we face trials, we can go to God and tell him what we are facing. This is called a lament. God is big enough to hear us when we lament our trials before him.
Next (3:3-5) the psalmist reminds himself of the truth of who God is for him. This is the assurance part, the gospel part. The Lord is his shield, his glory, the lifter of his head. When we experience trials, we can go to God, miraculously, on account of Christ and his work for us! And God WILL hear us.
In verse 6, he expresses an active faith: “I will not be afraid.” Our response to God’s grace to us in the gospel is one of faith and obedience.
It’s only now (3:7-8), after all that, that he asks God for something. We often start our prayers with requests, but it’s only after really talking with God and remembering the gospel that the psalmist feels ready to make his request know to the Lord.
He closes his prayer with praise. He is confident that God will hear him, and he glories in the gospel: “salvation belongs to the Lord!”
Last week, I was away from Kathy and the kids. It was hard, especially for Kathy. In that situation, this is how I prayed for them:

Father, Kathy and the kids are going through it right now. Jonas is sick and disobedient, Penny isn’t sleeping well, and I know Kathy is tired and frustrated. You, in your wisdom, have kept us apart for several days, though the situation is more difficult than any of us want. But Lord, I know that you love us and desire what is good for us. You proved your love perfectly when you sent your Son to live, die and rise for us. If you did that, Lord, I know that no situation my family faces is beyond the reach of your loving care. I will not worry, because I know you are watching us as our Heavenly Father. Help them, Lord. Give Kathy patience, rest, and wisdom to deal with the situation. Heal Jonas and make Penny sleep. I love you, Father, and give you thanks and praise knowing that you hear my prayer on account of the Lord Jesus and his work for me. Amen.

Tomorrow is our day off of reading. Please take the time to review what you’ve read this week, reflect upon it, and catch up on any reading you haven’t done. We’ll pick it back up again Saturday.

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  1. >One of the things that happens in the Psalms as well is found in verse 5, "I lay down and slept". The Psalmist is able to sleep in the midst of his difficulties because of the peace God gives him. When I am troubled the first thing that eludes me is sleep and it is only when I turn to the Lord with my troubles that I can sleep.

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