>January 13: Psalm 6

>Please read today’s passage, Psalm 6, before you read what I have to say about it. Just want to be clear that I am writing about the Word, but the Word is far more powerful and true than anything I could ever say about it.

How is this psalm about Jesus? Of course, it is about the psalmist being bummed out and telling God about it. But Jesus says that the Scriptures always point to him (John 5:39).

To the degree that the writer of this psalm suffered, Jesus endured worse. Jesus wept, he suffered pain, lost all his friends, was surrounded by enemies to his dying breath. Jesus’s life was one great “how long?” (6:3), that in the end was met only with silence.

The psalmist desired to be delivered from Sheol, the grave, but this same desire could not be satisfied in Christ. His prayer, “let this cup pass from me,” was left unanswered.

And while the psalmist could say, “All my enemies shall be ashamed and greatly troubled” (6:10), he could not say it absolutely. If these enemies turned to God in repentance, their shame would become their glory—God is merciful and steadfast in his love. But Christ, and Christ alone could say, without qualification, that his enemies would be put to shame, for he is THE way, truth and life. Those who remain his enemies have nothing but great trouble to look forward to.

And it’s only because three days later Jesus prayed, “The LORD has heard my plea; the LORD accepts my prayer” (6:9), that we can say the same prayer in his name. The Lord accepts our prayer because he accepts Christ, our righteous Savior.

Whatever I pray for, I can have confidence that I am heard on account of Christ (John 14:13-14). No one and nothing can change that. It is an eternal reality sealed in Jesus’s blood (and tears).

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  1. >its pretty awesome to know that in our struggles, we can turn to God and have the confidence to do so bc of Christ. the psalms are awesome bc its so easy to relate!oh, and i love the ESV online site! i didn't even know it existed until you linked it here. it even has audio, and the guy's voice kinda sounds like optimus prime! goodbye biblegateway.com

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