God is good in the day of trouble

“I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your wonders of old” (Psalm 77:11).

As I read Psalm 77 and reflected on the 4Gs, I was reminded that God is good, so we don’t have to look elsewhere.

This psalm begins despairingly, talking about “the day of my trouble” (77:2). Personally, in the day of my trouble, I am all too often looking for a solution that I can come up with on my own. In the midst of struggle or pain or disappointment, I am always turning to things other than God.

But the psalmist doesn’t. He’s already crying aloud to God (77:1). His spirit is faint (77:3), but he knows that he has no need to turn elsewhere in his quest for deliverance. God is good; why bother with anything else?

God is good in the day of trouble.

God is so good that, even in the midst of trouble he holds his eyelids open (77:4). But as he prays, he remembers God’s deeds, his wonders of old, all the ways God has shown his goodness and love to his people throughout the centuries (77:11-20). God’s goodness is what comforts him in the midst of his darkest days. He knows he has no need to turn elsewhere because God is good and will continue to be good to him because he belongs to him.

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “I know, I know, God is good. But…” Too often, our knowledge of God is just that: knowledge. We know in our heads that God is good, but we fail to believe it in our hearts. But knowledge of God is never meant to remain knowledge. It is meant to change us, to change our hearts to want what God wants, and to change the way we live as an overflow of our hearts.

You may “know” that God is good, but that isn’t enough. You have to believe it. And that belief is sometimes hard won. It takes getting on your knees in the day of your trouble and reminding yourself of God’s goodness. It takes recounting to yourself all that he’s done for you in Christ, and all the particular things he’s done in your life. We have to fight to believe in God’s goodness sometimes, but it is a battle worth fighting.

On the other side of that battle is a profound peace, an unshakable confidence in the fact that God is good, and whatever you are going through right now is part of his good plan for you. Sometimes that feels impossible to believe.  No doubt even Jesus struggled to believe it as he hung on the cross. But God proved faithful, proved good by turning the most troubling hour of human history into a glorious day of salvation.

God is good. You don’t have to look elsewhere.

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