God Is Great

I am a control freak. I love having a perfectly ordered world in which everything goes according to plan. When things do not go according to plan—or worse, when someone dares challenge my sovereignty—I lash out. I become irritable. I grow impatient. I even seek to destroy to the extent I am able.

But that’s just it. I am only able to do so much damage in the world. (Thank God.) I am only able to do so much damage, because my power is so very limited. Finite. I am a mere creature, embittered by my creatureliness.

I am a mere creature, but am fearfully and wonderfully made. The God who is God (not the god I pretend to be) made me with 60,000 miles of blood vessels in my body… and he knows every last inch. He created billions upon billions of stars, the atom with its furiously revolving electrons, the stripes on a zebra, and the ocean’s tides. I am not great. The God who made me and every last subatomic particle in this universe, he is great.

Tim Chester, who first articulated the 4Gs, writes this in his book, You Can Change:

We often associate the sovereignty of God with theological debates. But for all of us it’s a daily practical choice…. I have to choose between a fantasy in which I’m sovereign and the real world in which God is sovereign, between my false sovereignty and God’s real sovereignty. When I feel like I’m running away, I have to choose to find refuge in God.

Do you find yourself grasping for control of things over which you have no power? Do you easily grow anxious, worrying about things that are beyond your reach? Do circumstances overwhelm you so much you don’t know what to do?

God is great. We don’t have to be in control.

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