5 Steps to Be on Mission in Your City

Stephen Um has a great post on The Resurgence about being a missionary in your city. He gives 5 steps to get there—each of which will take all of us the rest of our lives.

  1. Get Grounded in the Gospel: no gospel, no mission.
  2. Learn Your City’s Story: how can you tell people to follow Jesus if you don’t know them.
  3. Engage in the Life of Your City: no one will know you love your city if you aren’t a vital part of it.
  4. Discern Your City’s Idols: what do people follow instead of Jesus?
  5. Retell Your City’s Story with the Gospel: idols don’t satisfy; show people how the gospel does.

Um recently co-wrote a book with my friend Justin Buzzard called Why Cities Matter. There are great insights like these throughout.


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